2013-14 School Year–Week Six

I’m not going to lie…this week was pretty boring. But that’s because we’ve got some interesting stuff next week, including a field trip (OK, technically, that’s tomorrow), and a unit study in religion about Martin Luther (since October, Reformation month, begins next week). Sometimes you just have to slog through the regular stuff to get the more exciting things!

The hymn we memorized this week was Christ, the Lord of Hosts, Unshaken. I wanted to work on it in anticipation of Michaelmas, which is this Sunday. It’s a hymn with great words, but an unfortunately tricky tune. I’m sure we did a great disservice to it when we sang it (that’s what happens when someone with no musical ability whatsoever is in charge of leading the song), but we did memorize the first two verses, which was kind of the point. Now, if only we would sing it in church on Sunday, and put our memorization to the test…

Ladybug has been working on time and money in math, and doing well with both of them. Turkey and Bunny are still mostly reviewing concepts they already know. Turkey even mentioned that he wished they’d get to do something harder and more interesting! I may look into speeding up their lessons, because I don’t think they really need the amount of review they’re getting.

We branched out a bit in history this week, and learned about the first settlers in India and China. We were surprised to learn how “modern” early Indian civilizations were, in terms of things like plumbing. We also enjoyed envisioning what it looked like on farms with elephants used as beasts of burden!

This was a review/test week in our Greek mythology course. We’re about a third of the way through it…I think we’re all going to be disappointed when it’s over. I love the artwork Turkey, Bunny, and Ladybug come up with to illustrate the stories they’ve heard. The tests, however, are kind of a joke. They should be challenging, in theory, but Turkey and Bunny memorized the mythology book long ago, so they just get to show me how smart they are (not a bad thing!).

We’re learning about Venus in science, and why we’re glad we don’t live there. The skies here have been clear, so we’ve also had some good opportunities for spotting it, which is very timely. We didn’t quite finish up that chapter, but we’ll be done with it next week.

We did have a short field-trip to the apple orchard this week. We only picked about eight or ten pounds of apples this time…that’s not much for us, but we waited until Moose was done with school one day, so we didn’t have a whole lot of time available. While we were at the orchard, we also saw two adorable baby goats named Jonathan and Goldie…so cute!

Looking forward to our next field trip, and still trying to figure out when our fall break is going to be!

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  1. I’m with you on getting through the regular stuff – the everyday things that needed to be slogged through – and sometimes that’s how it feels. 🙂 Oh baby goats are adorable! My sister used to have a farm and we loved visiting the baby goats.

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