Rearranged (Yet Again)

OK, I’m not going to say that this is how the school room is going to stay. I’m just not. Because every other time I’ve said it, it’s turned out to be untrue. So, this is how the school room is going to stay for now.




I took the five main bookshelves out of the school room (again), and moved them into the room that used to be Chickadee’s room/the guest room (again). Now it’s back to being the library/the guest room, just like it was before Chickadee moved in (she’s in the room with her big sisters now)!


I don’t mind having a separate library. It was nice having the bookshelves in the school room, but because Turkey and Bunny’s desks were in front of them, they were a little inaccessible (mostly to me…the children didn’t seem to mind), and Chickadee wanted to pull all of the books off the shelves every day. So, I removed the bulk of that temptation, even though there are still some books she can make a mess of if she’s so inclined. I did have to steal a bookshelf from another room in the house to complete this set-up, which I’m not thrilled about. The bookshelf was not absolutely necessary where it was, but it did serve a purpose. As it’s necessary for the school room, however, the school room wins!


So, this is the current state of our school room. I still have a long-term plan that involves getting rid of the couch, and putting in a computer desk, and a comfy chair for the teacher. When that happens (since that’s probably two years down the road, at least, Chickadee should be a little less mischievous), I may bring the bookshelves back in, but I’m not going to make any specific plans about that now. For today, I’m just happy to be done rearranging all of the books and the furniture yet again!

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