2013-14 School Year–Week Nine

Back to work after our week off! It was already a busy week, and then I decided to rearrange the school room again on top of appointments and errands, so we had an in-service day on Thursday…some school work, some rearranging, and a lot of cleaning! We actually have a few final things to do tomorrow (Gasp! School on Saturday!), because Turkey and Bunny didn’t get to finish their writing assignment for the week, and we still need to do another religion lesson and our weekly history review. I think the new and improved (again) school room is worth it, though!


The craziness of the week makes what we did accomplish a little blurry in my mind…or maybe that’s just lack of sleep. Turkey and Bunny are working on division problems with larger numbers, and they did a very little more work with exponents, which they’re still kind of struggling with. I think that their struggles are due to lack of exposure, though, and as they encounter them more, it will click. Meanwhile, Ladybug is working on quarter hours in time, and adding three numbers. She is also excelling at her addition drills, usually completing them in less than a minute with zero mistakes!

In history, we learned about the Phoenicians and the Assyrians. We’re getting close to the ancient Greeks, which will go nicely with our Greek myth studies. We’re about halfway done with those…Turkey and Bunny had another test this week. There were a lot of names on this one, so they had a little bit of trouble with it, but only a little. Mythology is something both of them excel at, and Ladybug is also doing a good job of retaining the information.

We wrapped up our study of the earth in science this week, and will be moving on to the moon next week. I think I promised the children that they could watch Apollo 13 sometime during that lesson, but I they’re just going to have to wait until the World Series is over! The TV is kind of busy until then! 🙂

Everything else (primarily language arts) was pretty standard. We did start our study of Scottish history this week, and it’s been quite interesting so far. We memorized all four verses of “A Mighty Fortress” this week, in preparation of Reformation Day. I also live-blogged a day of school this week, just to see what it looked like on “paper.” It’s really interesting to see an almost minute-by-minute account, and I’m here every day. I guess it was kind of like keeping a food diary…you just don’t realize some stuff until you actually write it down!

I’ve now ordered almost everything we’ll need for our Christmas and Olympics studies this year. I still haven’t finished up my plans for Thanksgiving school yet, though! I guess I’ll be working on that in the coming week!

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