Lego Tower Bridge–Night Six

I bet you thought we had either given up on finishing the Lego Tower Bridge, or I had simply forgotten to post the completed pictures. Well, it did take us this long to sit down and put the finishing touches on (What can I say? Sometimes life gets in the way!), but we didn’t forget about it, and tonight we finally finished the bridge!



All that was really left were the caps to the two towers:


And the bridge cables on either side:


I’m not too proud to admit that we needed Turkey’s help with part of it. Sure, we could have figured it out ourselves if we had actually stopped to think about it, but it was something he could do without thinking…he just knows Lego stuff! It is a grand Lego set, and it just barely fits on the table in the living room! We still have to build the mini vehicles for it, but we promised the children they could do that part, so tomorrow, we’ll really, finally finish the Lego Tower Bridge!

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