2013-14 School Year–The Week That Wasn’t

I had grand plans for Christmas School this year. And, I guess it wasn’t all wasted. We did pretty well learning about Christmas in Greece, Russia/Ukraine, and Sweden. And Christmas in Germany was really just a review, anyway, so that was alright, although, we never did get to our Christmas in Germany handprint Christmas tree craft.

But, we’ve had this stomach virus circulating through the house since before Thanksgiving, when I look back on it. And I reached my breaking point this week. There are just so many loads of laundry you can do before something has to give.

So, even though I had big plans for Christmas in France, and baking, and making ornaments, those things just didn’t happen. We did listen to a French Christmas CD, and I’m hoping to squeeze in a few French Christmas stories at some point (not today, though, because we’re helping Ryan with his video game marathon), but Christmas School fell flat this year, as did my plans to get a few extra math lessons done this week. We did keep up with religion and the Jesse Tree, plus our Advent read-aloud, so that’s something. But I can’t count this as a week of school by any stretch of the imagination. If you put together everything we did get to this week, I don’t think it even counts as a whole day!

So, we’ll regroup over our scheduled vacation, and hopefully by the time January rolls around, we’ll be ready to get back to work!

Merry Christmas!

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