Extra Life Marathon 2013

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Extra Life is a community video game marathon that goes to benefit Children’s Miracle Network hospitals. Every year, interested gamers take donations as pledges and then take one for the team and play games for a full day in a test of endurance.

I thought about this. I have streaming capability. I have games. I have games I haven’t played or that I can play just for fun. I have friends and family I can rope in to helping with this and turning it into a really fun time.

There’s just one problem:

I’m late to the party!

This year’s Extra Life was held on November 2nd, and I missed it! (OK, to be fair, I didn’t have any idea it was going on until after the fact. Apparently I’m kind of sheltered.) From the looks of things, it has been a great success so far this year, and there’s no reason I can’t participate. I feel I’ve missed out on a chance—with your help—to make a difference.

Let’s do some last-minute Christmas shopping for St. Louis Children’s Hospital and Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center.

I’m going to kick off my Christmas vacation on December 20th at 8 a.m. Central time with the beginning of a 25-hour marathon of games with friends, family, and maybe a special guest or two. We’ll play games, chat a bit, and do it all to support kids who need quality medical care.

That sounds awesome!

Yeah, it does. Having a good time with friends and family, doing it for a great cause… it should be a pretty good time.

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