The Great Ticket to Ride Challenge–Night One

Ryan decided that we should play through all of the different maps and variations of Ticket to Ride that we own (which is pretty much all of them!), so that we could decide which board is our favorite, and who is the house Ticket to Ride champion. I have no idea how long this challenge will take us to complete…look at how long it took us to build the Lego Tower Bridge! But, we started our challenge tonight with the original Ticket to Ride map (but with the updated point values).


The final score was Amanda 137 and Ryan 132. I completed six routes with one train left at the end, and Ryan completed five routes (and won the longest continuous route–the Trans-America Express bonus), with two trains left.

I fully expect tonight’s victory to be an anomaly, as I tend to lose at, well, all board games when playing against Ryan, but even when I lose, Ticket to Ride is still my favorite game, and tons of fun to play!

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