The Great Ticket to Ride Challenge–Night Two

Tonight we played the newest Ticket to Ride Board: Nederland.

It was definitely a different game! This game incorporates bridge tolls, and when you’re playing with only two people, you have to add a “neutral character” for part of the game. It made for a new Ticket to Ride experience, but I’m not sure how much I liked it!


The final score was Ryan 183, Amanda 175 (closer than I was expecting, to be honest). I completed six routes, with one train left at the end, but I also had to take out a loan, which cost me five points. Ryan completed five routes, with five trains left at the end, and he also had eight tokens left, which gave him and extra 35 points! That’s a huge bonus, and something to keep in mind when we play this board in the future!

We haven’t decided which board we’re playing next, but hopefully, it will be something a little more standard!

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