2013-14 School Year–Week Nineteen

This has been a fun week of school! Math was very hands on for Turkey and Bunny, which makes it more enjoyable for them. They got to use both compass and protractor in their lessons, and I also got out the geo board and the tangrams to experiment with. Since we were learning about polygons this week, the geo board was very helpful. We learned that’s it’s much easier to make a decagon that way, than to try to draw it! Ladybug also had fun experimenting with shapes, even though it didn’t have anything to do with her lessons. And Moose has been learning about shapes in school, too, so he enjoyed using our geo board when he got home!


Turkey and Bunny worked on some more creative writing assignments this week. They’re actually becoming quite good writers in this regard. One of their assignments was to write about the tree that eventually became their school desks, and Turkey, especially, did an outstanding job on the assignment.

In history, we learned about the rise of Rome. This is an exciting period to study, and we’ll be visiting Rome quite a lot in the coming weeks. We only have one lesson left in our mythology study (plus the test), and then we’ll be moving on to The Bronze Bow, which will go perfectly with Rome, just as the mythology did with ancient Greece.

Our science lessons focused on space rocks. The bulk of the information was on comets, but we also learned about asteroids and meteoroids. We discussed the Exploding Planet Theory, and came up with our own hypotheses as well…who knows if we’re right!

The entire week of Scottish history focused on Robert the Bruce, and we’re still not done with him! I think we’ll probably reading about his battles for the better part of the next week, too. Such a complicated and interesting time in the history of Scotland.

The Olympics start next week…almost time to learn about winter sports, Russia, and ballet!

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