250 in 250

To celebrate the 250th birthday of St. Louis (which was officially observed over the weekend), the Missouri History Museum has a special exhibit entitled 250 in 250.


It contains the 50 people, 50 moments, 50 images, 50 places, and 50 objects that make St. Louis great.

The first part of the exhibit is a history of St. Louis in 250 seconds. This is, as you can imagine, the briefest of overviews, but it gives a good chronological foundation for all of the items in the displays.

Following the video, you get right into it, with 50 great St. Louisans.

From people you move on to moments. This was the one area we really didn’t get to explore too much, because most of the headsets were already in use. We were very excited to see that Game Six was one of the moments, though!

The 50 images are displayed on screens on the wall:


The 50 places are done in chalk art form. There’s also a pillar where people can write in (and illustrate) their own choices in a variety of chalk colors. We made sure to add Ted Drewes and Busch Stadium!

The 50 objects was our favorite part. There were so many cool things to see, from an old fire truck, to the original Ted Drewes uniform, and even a debutante’s gown.

I can’t say enough good things about this exhibit. I’m looking forward to going back at least once during this year-long birthday celebration, so that Ryan has a chance to enjoy it, too!


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