“Poopsy Pets?!?”

I really think I’ve finally seen everything:

I may be late to this party, but I’ve just never seen anything like this before. Until today. We were wandering around Target this morning and spotted the Moxie Girlz. But not just “girlz.” The “girlz” have pets. That poop. And not just any kind of poop, but rainbow, glitter, and jewel poop. I guess the unicorn that poops rainbows makes a certain amount of twisted sense, but I can’t even stretch to explain the koala and bunny. And if that’s not disturbing enough, you feed these animals their little pellets to start the whole process over.



Even the children were appalled. We had a good laugh, but none of us could figure out WHY anyone would want this toy. I mean, seriously…have toy manufacturers gotten so desperate that this is all that is left? These almost make “Bratz” dolls seem tolerable (then again, it’s the same company…no surprise there!). Maybe I’m just getting old, but is there not even a slightly more appropriate toy that they could have invented?

Toys sure have changed since I was a kid!

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