A look at 20 of the birthday cakes going up around town

In case you’re wondering about the Stl250 cakes I’ve been photographing, here’s an article that goes into detail about 20 of the cakes. My favorite of the 20 they chose isn’t even one I’ve personally seen yet, but I love that the Post-Disptach used the Weatherbird on their cake…it’s wonderfully, iconically St. Louis! I think this is the coolest thing St. Louis could have done to celebrate its 250th birthday this year!

Location • In front of the Post-Dispatch building, 900 North Tucker Boulevard, at the northwest corner of Tucker and King Drive

Description • The cake has been transformed into the Post-Dispatch Weatherbird, in bright, visible colors. The top tier is his hat; his fingers are pointing at the “250.”

Artist • Dan Martin

Inspiration • The Weatherbird is the symbol of the Post-Dispatch; Martin is the one who channels him. He’s painted in a way that’s “as simple and as fun and as comic-strippy as I could. I tried to keep it in the spirit of the newspaper.”

Fun fact • “The Bird is a one-dimensional thing; I had to make this flat image somehow flow over three-dimensional surfaces and have it somehow still make sense,” says

Martin. “I was working with industrial house paint; it’s not like you can paint fine lines on it.” He painted it in the old plate room, off the old press room. (SBM)

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