2013-14 School Year–Week Twenty-Five

We enjoyed our week off last week, but this week, we jumped right back in to our school work!

I have to be honest, however…even I’m sick of fractions. This week, Turkey and Bunny have been multiplying and dividing them. Multiplying is easy enough (much easier than adding or subtracting!), but dividing is giving them some trouble. So, next week, we’ll be spending extra time on that, to make sure they really get it. Ladybug, meanwhile, is still working on adding and subtracting, but her problems are getting more difficult. She’s doing well with it though, so at least I don’t have to worry about all three of them catching on right now!

In history, we learned about Caesar Augustus, and reviewed everything we’ve learned about the Roman Empire so far, which is a lot. Turkey has decided that this is his favorite period in history, and I can’t blame him. There was a lot of exciting stuff going on in Rome! Next week, we’ll be focusing on the birth of Jesus and the beginning of Christianity. This is going to fit in perfectly with the Bronze Bow (which we’re over halfway done with), and our Lenten reading of Amon’s Adventure. It’s always nice when we see connections being made across multiple subjects!

Our science lessons focused on Pluto and the Kuiper Belt. We had a very vocal debate about whether or not Pluto is a planet. Both Turkey and Bunny began the debate convinced that it is, so it was funny to hear their arguments (we had two debates, and I made them each debate pro and con). In the end, they both argued better in favor of Pluto not being a planet, but Turkey still insists that it is one. Bunny, however, (and Ladybug, from listening to the debates), seems to have changed her mind.

Our Scottish history readings have focused primarily on James III and IV, and more about the Douglases (Red, this time). This was another exciting time in history, and while Turkey and Bunny don’t particularly appreciate writing summaries based on the reading, they really enjoy all of the stories. I just wish there was a similar book about Ireland’s history for us to read next!

Next week will be a pretty much normal week for us, but the week after that, I have an amazing field trip planned…stay tuned!

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