2013-14 School Year–Week Twenty-Six

This was one of those weeks where pretty much all I can say is that we made it through. It wasn’t necessarily a bad week exactly, but Ryan was out of town, which seems to mess everyone up, and the car was in the shop at the beginning of the week, and there was a lot of rain, and then severe weather yesterday…it was just so blah!

We did more fractions in math, backtracked in history to read aloud from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, read and reviewed in the Bronze Bow, learned about stars and galaxies in science, and read about Mary Queen of Scots in Scottish history.

Yes, we did more than just that, but frankly, I’m ready to put an end to the week. So, this time, a very brief overview will have to suffice! Hopefully next week is a much more enjoyable week of school!

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