The Construction of Ballpark Village

I was looking back over the photos I took over the course of the last eight months or so as Ballpark Village was being built…it’s amazing to me how fast something like that can come together!

July 21, 2013…Just a rough framework, and a lot of dirt!


August 7, 2013…Not a huge difference, but more framing had been done:


August 25, 2013…Just a few week later, but it’s starting to look like something!


September 10, 2013…More of the wrap had been added:


January 19, 2014…Since it was the offseason, I hadn’t seen Ballpark Village for a while, but I stopped by during the Cardinals Winter Warm-Up. It’s nice to see the brickwork being done!


April 4, 2014…Just about a week old…it sure does look good!


It will be interesting to see what else comes of this development. For now, though, I’m excited about the extra life it’s bringing to downtown St. Louis!

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