2013-14 School Year–Week Twenty-Seven

This was a super busy week of school! We’re starting to wrap up our Lent activities…we’re almost finished with The Jesus Tree and Amon’s Adventure. We memorized the hymn “All Glory, Laud, and Honor,” this week, in preparation of Palm Sunday. I can’t believe next week is Holy Week!

Turkey and Bunny kept working on fractions in math, but we also added decimals, to the tenths and hundredths place. I think we were all glad to look at something that wasn’t a fraction! Ladybug has been working on adding three-digit numbers, as well as liquid measurements.

In history, we learned about the beginning of Christianity. This fit in nicely with the approach of Holy Week…in addition to our Story of the World reading, we also read Paul Maier’s books: The Very First Christmas, The Very First Easter, and The Very First Christians. We’ll be learning more about ancient Rome next week.

We finished our science curriculum, learning about space travel and the International Space Station. We also got out the telescope to look at the Opposition of Mars this week…it was beautiful! Next week, we’ll be starting our botany curriculum that I had planned for next year, and get as far as we can in it before the end of the school year.

We’ll also be finishing The Bronze Bow next week. It has also tied in nicely to the approach of Holy Week. This week’s chapters really gave us some good opportunities for discussion…it really is a fantastic book!

In Scottish history, we finished the sad tale of Mary Queen of Scots. I’m looking forward to reading about James VI/I next. We also built the Brave Lego set I had purchased to go along with our Scottish studies…the children really like it!


We’ve also been learning a lot about the history of St. Louis. To celebrate the 250th birthday of the city, there is a public art project/scavenger hunt/history lesson spread out over the region. We’ve found almost 100 of the cakes so far, and we’ve learned a lot of things about this area that we didn’t already know!


We also went on a field trip this week. The science part ended up being kind of a bust, which didn’t really matter, because we had learned all about the weather elements they were discussing. We had a fun time at the baseball game, though, even though our Cardinals lost.


Hopefully, next week will be a little less chaotic. We’ll be taking the day off on Good Friday, at least, but we still have plenty of work to do before then!

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