Cakeway to the West–Attention to Detail

One of my favorite things about the Stl250 “Cakeway to the West” installations is seeing the incredible attention to detail on some of them. By far, my favorite as far as detail goes is on the cake at The Cheshire:


Just having writing on the candle is amazing…most of the candles are simply painted a solid color, or two if the flame is painted separately, which is fine, but they start to look the same after a while. But this one really stands out, especially when you notice the fleur-de-lis in place of the “a” and observe it paired with the beautiful detail on the top of the cake, as well. Gorgeous!

We’ve also seen other cakes with what Turkey refers to as “features.” Candles that are in the shape of a fleur-de-lis (or a rocket ship, in the case of the science center cake!), chalk details, and other things added to them outside of the basic cake format (the City Museum leads the pack in the additions department!). I love finding the cakes with these special details, and noting what sets them apart from the crowd!

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