Saying Goodbye

Today was a hard day. We had to say “Farewell and Godspeed” to our Pastor, as the Holy Spirit has called him to serve another congregation.

While we’ve left a few churches, because we’ve moved around, we haven’t had to say goodbye to a pastor who was leaving us. It’s a hard thing, and even harder than I could have imagined watching our children say goodbye to their pastor. There were, as you might expect, laughter and tears, and a very nice potluck lunch after church.

One of our children took this goodbye harder than any of the others, but at least “George” got to have her picture taken with Pastor on Easter Sunday.


We were very blessed to have Pastor Kumm serve our congregation, to be with us during hard times like Moose’s autism diagnosis, and happy times like the birth of Chickadee and the Confirmation of our two oldest children, and while it is so hard to say goodbye, we know that his new congregation will be equally blessed to hear him preach the Good News and administer the Sacraments. And we are still blessed to have a faithful Assistant Pastor, as well as a Vacancy Pastor.

Farewell and Godspeed, Pastor!

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