2013-14 School Year–Weeks Twenty-Nine and Thirty

I was just too busy last weekend to post my update, so here’s two week’s worth at once!

We only have a week or two of school left. Going by days, we can finish up next week, but I think we might also need the week after to finish everything I want to get through in math. Either way, the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter!

Our religion lessons are back to our standard Treasury of Daily Prayer readings and hymn memorization. I kind of miss doing the Jesus Tree readings every day, although it is nice not to have to rush through our morning routine to make sure we have time to do it before Moose goes to school. The same goes for Amon’s Adventures…I miss the story, but it’s nice to have that extra half-hour back each day!

Turkey and Bunny have been working on percents in math, and how to convert fractions and decimals to percents. The only new thing we have left to learn is the metric system, and even that isn’t totally new…they’ll just be learning some additional measurements.

Ladybug has been working on addition with carrying, one of the things I worry most about teaching. You can imagine my surprise, then, when I can home from dropping Moose off at school and discovered that Bunny had taught her to do it! I had to go back and explain the why, but Bunny did a good job of explaining how, and Ladybug really gets it, so that’s one less thing to worry about!

We finished up ancient history this week. Over the last ten days or so, we learned about the weakening of the Roman Empire, the split between East and West, and the eventual fall at the hands of the barbarians. We also learned about all of the different invaders that attacked Rome, including Huns, Visigoths, and Vandals. We’re all excited to pick up with the Middle Ages next year!

Since we finished The Bronze Bow, I decided we’d do some just-for-fun read-alouds to end the school year. The first one I picked was a personal favorite, Ramona the Brave, which Ladybug especially enjoyed, because Ramona is also a first-grader in that book. I haven’t decided yet what other book we’ll read before school is done, but it will also be something fun, and another personal favorite of the teacher!

We continued our introduction to botany in science, and all three children are really interested in it. Bunny has already decided she might like to be a botanist someday! I’m not sure how much more we’ll get through before the end of the school year (I’m thinking just one more chapter, two at the most), but I think we’ll probably keep doing at least some of it over the summer, and I know we’ll be having at least one botany-related field trip after school is out, when we visit the Missouri Botanical Garden. Oh, and yesterday, we had a bonus, just-for-fun science experiment involving dry ice:


Our Scottish history studies are coming to a close, as well. We’ve made it through William and Mary, so we pretty much just have four Georges left, and then the book is done. I’ve really enjoyed learning more about the United Kingdom myself this year!

So that’s two weeks of work. Our school days are getting a bit shorter, because we have finished some subjects, but we still have plenty of things to keep us busy for a good chunk of the day!

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