Lego Parisian Restaurant–Night Two

We finished book one of the Parisian Restaurant tonight!


Two more minifigs were added to the cast of characters, and they’re important–the chef and the waiter:


The restaurant has a name, now!


I love the completed kitchen, especially the refrigerator:


We added tons of details, including furniture, curtains, and artwork:

The pillars out front were an interesting build, and look so cool:


And I really love the menu board by the front door!


There’s even a dumpster out back now, and a mouse very interested in the cheese that has been thrown out (I can’t help but think we might be building the restaurant from Ratatouille!).


The staircase leading to the upstairs was added as well…can’t wait to see where it goes!


This has been a fun build so far, and it looks really pretty with the unusual olive green bricks. I love a fun Lego project!

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