Lego Parisian Restaurant–Night Three

Tonight, we worked on book two of the Parisian Restaurant.


The second floor includes a restaurant patio:


But the main feature is the upstairs apartment, which is awesome from the Murphy bed to the fireplace, and everything in between!

The back is very detailed:


But when you put it together with the lower level, it’s even better!


That’s nothing, however, compared to the full (so far) front facade:


Only one more book to go, and then we’ll see how it really looks next to the Grand Emporium…we’re having so much fun!

2 thoughts on “Lego Parisian Restaurant–Night Three

  1. We almost just bought that. We got the theatre instead since we were worried it might get retired before we could get it. The restaurant looks awesome! I can’t wait!

    • amanda says:

      It really is beautiful, and the color scheme is amazing. We’re hoping that we’re able to get the Palace Cinema before it goes…that one looks so cool, too!

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