Lego Parisian Restaurant–Night Four

Tonight we completed the third and final instruction book for the Parisian Restaurant!



The third floor of the restaurant is the artist’s studio, complete with skylights. It has paints (and an adorable Lego paintbrush), and an easel, two works of art, and a really cool kiln. The kiln shares the chimney with the fireplace on the second flood, and I really like the way it turned out:

The outside details were, of course, very nice, and very detailed:

The final product is amazing, from all sides:



And, joined together with the Grand Emporium, we have a real start to our modular street:


This is a beautiful set, and it was really fun to build. Next up, we’ll be working on my (early) birthday present…the Lego Pet Shop. Not sure when we’ll get started on it, but I’m really excited about that set, because of the way it splits down the middle…it will give our modular street a whole new look!

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