Blueberry Picking

I know that this is going to come as a shock, but there was one fruit at Eckert’s that we had never picked ourselves…until this morning, that is! IMG_7115 We were somewhat confused when we got there, because most of the blueberry bushes were covered with nets. One of the friendly Eckert’s employees quickly explained that they cover the rows that aren’t currently being picked because if they don’t, the birds will help themselves! Makes sense, and they looked kind of cool covered up, especially since it was such a cloudy morning. Almost like a mist covering them! IMG_7108 IMG_7080 Chickadee had a grand time, and she actually picked some herself. When we went strawberry picking, she was perfectly content to let the rest of us do the picking, as long as we kept handing her berries every now and then, but she really wanted to be involved this time.

I really love blueberry flowers. I’ve actually thought about planting some blueberry bushes in our yard, just so I can enjoy the flowers for the brief time they’re around. I also loved seeing the tiny little mint green berries on the bushes!

Other than the mud everywhere, it was a nice morning to be out…not hot, not sticky, not too bright. We had a great time, and left with about three pounds of blueberries!

IMG_7119 Of course, you can’t go blueberry picking without enjoying the fruits of your labor…blueberry muffins for everyone!


This was definitely another fun Eckert’s activity, but blackberry picking is still my favorite…good thing blackberry season should be upon us in just a few more weeks!

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