Cakeway to the West–Meeting People

Another thing I love about the “Cakeway to the West” project is meeting people along the way. I’ve had the chance to talk to many different folks, find out how many cakes they’ve seen, and which ones. It’s not like I’m making friends for life or anything, but it’s interesting, even if only for a moment, to hear their stories, and find out where they’re from.

I’ve talked to college kids looking for something to do, runners looking to make their run more interesting, and people like me, who are determined to find all of the cakes. I’ve talked to people who are taking interesting photographs, making sure their child, or dog, or a special object are in each picture. I’ve talked to people from all over the metro area, and people who are back here visiting, looking for cakes at their old favorite places. I’ve talked to people from all walks of life, and people doing all kinds of things, including biking, fishing, and patrolling the streets (yes, even the local law enforcement is getting into the cake search!).

My favorites, though are the older people I’ve talked too. People who have told me about St. Louis 40 and 50 years ago, who remember people and events, and who have made a difference in the city. Everyone has a story to tell, and I’ve discovered that most people are just waiting for someone to listen to them and hear that story. And it’s been an honor for me to be that someone to a few people, and hear their stories, because it’s those stories that make St. Louis what it is today!

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