Belleville 200 Classic Car Show


Today, as part of the year-long Belleville200 celebrations, the Oliver C. Joseph car dealership sponsored a classic car show. This was especially exciting as Oliver C. Joseph is celebrating their 100th anniversary selling cars in Belleville, which is pretty amazing when you think about it…it’s east to forget that cars are 100 years old!

Chrysler has given them an award for every 25 years they’ve been in business, and for their centennial year, Chrysler had to create a new award, because this is the first time they’ve given one out for 100 years!


There was every kind of car you’d want to see.

And we admired a lot of the engines:

Some of the paint jobs were really fantastic:

We peeked inside a lot of the cars:

I really liked all of the old hood ornaments:

And the other decorative elements and details:

Even the wheels were interesting!

The oldest car we saw was from 1915. A car just one year short of being 100 years old! Think about how different the world was back then!


I’m not going to lie…I didn’t know what a lot of what I was looking at actually was. But I love history, and that extends to cars, so even though I didn’t understand it all, I still enjoyed the car show immensely!

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