Missouri Botanical Garden

Turkey and Ladybug’s entries in the Missouri Botanical Garden Lego Buildtanical Brick Challenge finally forced us to go to the Botanical Garden, something we’ve been meaning to do for a while, but have just never gotten around to. This also fit in well with our botany studies, even if we are on a break from our regular school work!

There were many beautiful things to see. One of the biggest attractions was the Climatron, which houses the Nature Connects exhibit:


The Temperate House was especially beautiful:

And the Ottoman Garden may have been my favorite of all the gardens (although I also really enjoyed the Victorian District):

There’s so much beautiful art and architecture on the property:

And tons of water features:

Of course, there are beautiful plants from all over the world!

And a fleur-de-lis made out of flowers, which is humorous on several levels!


We saw almost everything while we were there…the only thing we missed that I really wanted to see were the German gardens. Oh well…now we have an excuse to go back!

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