Cakeway to the West–All 250!

Here is the conclusion of our “Cakeway to the West” journey…pictures of all 250 cakes!

Plus the bonus cakes that started out as “one to grow on,” and have grown into four cakes…one that is now at Ameristar Casino (that I originally photographed at Le Grange de Terre), one at Express Scripts, one at Columbia Bottom, and the Let’s Celebrate festival cake that is traveling around the city (oh, and also the Ameren Employees’ cake, which is a private installation that is now being shared with the public):

If you were wondering what the cakes looked like before they were painted, I can help you out with that, too:


And let’s not forget the prototype, the little gold cake that started it all!


Plus, an unofficial cake at Hawken House that looks so authentic that I never would have guessed that it’s not an official one!


And an unofficially official cake at the Missouri School for the Blind that was repurposed and repainted after the celebratory year ended:


We saw two cake unveilings:

And one cake in progress:


I even participated in a cake-themed art show!


The end of the year saw a gathering of several dozen cakes up for auction for one last hurrah:


And, finally, the final cake…the Reunion Cake, which was unveiled at First Night, aka New Year’s Eve:


It took us almost five months exactly to find them all, plus another few months for the bonus cakes to appear, and now that we’re done, I’m not sure what we’re going to do with our spare time. I do know that it was the perfect way to celebrate St. Louis’ 250th birthday!

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