Back-to-Back Ballgames at Busch

We had a pair of tickets for both Tuesday and Wednesday nights’ Cardinals games. On Tuesday, I took Ladybug and Chickadee down to Busch Stadium, where we had field-level seats right by the Left Field Landing. Chickadee was disappointed that we didn’t have to ride the escalators, but she enjoyed getting a good look at Fredbird as he drove by!

Last night, I took just Chickadee back to Busch, where we sat in the very back row of the uppermost deck. We got to ride plenty of escalators that night! I of course had to take Chickadee to visit Fredbird, which was her favorite part of the night, because he gave her a hug!

The Cards won both games, and the Wednesday game was the final game of a sweep of the Reds, which made it even more fun, even if we did have to leave early due to an incoming storm…I didn’t want to get stuck in the rain with a toddler at the ballpark or on the train platform! Later this month, it will be Turkey’s turn to go to a game with me…stay tuned!

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