The First Day of School–2014 Edition

Here’ s peek into our first day of school. We did a lot of the basics (religion, language arts, math, and our latest read-aloud, The Hobbit), but we also had a lot of fun!


One of our first day of school traditions is that the children always make a new cover sheet for their binders. Chickadee doesn’t have a binder yet, but that didn’t stop her from joining in the coloring fun!

They take their work very seriously!


As an extra fun project, I got the Lego Sydney Opera House (the Lego Architecture set, not the newer, huge set), for them to build. I’m hopeful that Lego will make enough of these sets that we can have one from every continent (excluding Antarctica, of course), someday. So far, we have North America, Europe (several times over), and Oceania covered!

I think we got the 2014-15 school year off to a great start…looking forward to many more fun days of learning!

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