At the Ballpark with Bunny

Tuesday night was the last of my special trips to Busch Stadium with a child this season. Bunny was the only one who hadn’t been to a game with me (and Chickadee!) yet, and she was very excited to see the Cards play the Pirates! We even got to watch batting practice for the first time in a long time, and while we didn’t get to see our team, it was nice to see the Pirates wearing their Strike out Cancer t-shirts.

Bunny was fascinated watching the grounds crew clean up from batting practice and prepare the field for the game. She must take after me!

We had a really good view of the Gateway Geyser from our seats:


And a beautiful view of the shadows moving across the field.


Let’s face it…when you’re sitting that high up, the view is always amazing!


Of course we stopped to see Fredbird. Chickadee was rather put out, and I think it was because she had to share him with her sister!


Bunny wanted to have her picture taken with Hello Kitty, just like her sisters did. The only difference? Bunny towered over the cut-out!


Before we left, we said goodnight to Stan:


We’ve used up our (18!!!) free tickets. We do have one game left to go to as a family, and then we’ll just have to wait until next spring to go back to Busch!

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