2014-15 School Year–Week Two

Week two of the new school year is complete!

This week, we had more review in math, so not too much to say, there. Turkey and Bunny continued working on spelling and vocabulary in language arts, as well as writing summaries of short passages. Next week, they start working on outlining. Meanwhile, Ladybug is working on spelling and Explode the Code, in addition to her own writing assignments…one sentence summaries of a very short passage.

We’re still moving along in reading The Hobbit, and everyone is enjoying it. I’m also trying to decide which Lego: The Hobbit set I want to get for us to build when we’re done with the book. Ryan already has the best set (in my opinion), so I’m searching for second best!

Our history studies have us learning about Britian in about the 5th century or so. Because we read Our Island Story last year, the names are already familiar to everyone. I really enjoy this period of history, and the children do too…they especially like reading about the warriors who painted themselves blue!

In science, we have been learning all about flowers and pollination. The chapter is pretty long, so we haven’t finished it yet. We have enjoyed learning about the ways insects (and birds) spread pollen so far!

The children also had another Lego architecture assignment. This time, they were supposed to focus on the surface of an object. They didn’t even have to build a structure, just the skin of a structure. That didn’t stop them from embellishing once their surfaces were complete, though!

Next week, we’ll be learning about the Byzantine empire…I can’t wait!

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