Lego Palace Cinema–Night Two


Tonight we worked on instruction book two of the Lego Palace Cinema. As usual, we got started with the minifigs…tonight, we built the moviegoers:


Since the theater seats were one of the first things built, our happy couple was seated pretty quickly.


A short time later, the projector was assembled, and the overworked theater employee moved upstairs to operate it.


Once the big screen was added, we were ready for some movie watching! I love the curtain details, and even though I’m not a huge fan of Lego stickers, this one looks really good.


This was a pretty basic floor, with just the seats, the projector, the screen, and the stairs to the roof added to it. I think it’s probably the quickest build of a modular building floor we’ve ever done.


The windows look nice, but this is the one part that bothers everyone in our house. What theater has windows?

Even with the window complaint, it’s still a great looking building…I can’t wait to add the roof and the signs, because they’re the most detailed parts, and quite beautiful!


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