2014-15 School Year–Week Eight

I’m not going to lie…getting back to school this week was a challenge. You see, we spent our fall break dealing with some stupid upper respiratory thing that everyone in the house had. So, our fun, restful week off turned into recovery time. Not fun!

But, we still got back to work this week. And it wasn’t too bad! In math, Turkey and Bunny have mostly worked on geometry…angles, shapes, and the like. And they really like that, because they’re good at it. They also kept working on equations, with a few new things (like square roots), thrown in, and that went well, too. Even though she doesn’t know it yet, Ladybug has been working on the groundwork for memorizing the times tables, and even though she’s complained about it, she’s still doing well at it!

Language arts has continued to go well, too. Turkey and Bunny are continuing their work on writing narratives of both scientific and historic outlines. Ladybug has stared working on dictation in addition to copy work. Again, it might not be the favorite subject, but it’s going well for everyone.

Our history lessons focused on the beginning of the Frankish kingdom, as well as the Islamic Empire as it moved into Spain. We learned about Moorish architecture, and we also learned about the legend of the fleur-de-lis, which tied our history lessons into local, current events lessons, which is always fun! We’re getting close to Charlemagne, which I’m very excited about.

In science, we’ve started learning about the leaf. This is a good time of year for that, as the leaves are changing color. I’m hoping we’ll be able to go on a good, long, nature walk in the next week or so. Even if we don’t, we have a microscope, and prepared slides that will let us look at leaves up close!

We’re also getting close to finishing The Hobbit. Smaug is dead, which I thought would be the end of the story. It’s not, though, and we still have a few chapters to finish up before the book is done. I managed to find a Lego Barrel Escape set on clearance this week, so we now have two Hobbit sets to build when we finish the book.The children are very excited about this, and so am I, because I love bringing Lego into the classroom whenever I can!

Next week will probably be pretty low-key, but we’re getting close to the beginning of Thanksgiving school, which is one of my favorite times of year!

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