Mississippi Valley Trust Company

I first noticed the former Mississippi Valley Trust Company building, a St. Louis city landmark, in January when I was downtown for the Cardinals Winter Warm-Up. There’s something about it that made me smile, because it’s such a small building compared to those around it. I finally got a chance to got back and take some better pictures of it last week.




Built in 1896 to house the Trust Company, which was a supporter of the 1904 World’s Fair, it was already vacant by the 1930s, after Mississippi Valley Trust merged with Mercantile Bank and Trust. It has housed several different businesses of wildly different types since then, from an aircraft company to a medical clinic, and has most recently been home to the Schupp Company, an advertising agency. It appears that company is looking to lease or sell part of the building, following the loss of a major client.

I guess this is more of an overlooked building than a forgotten one, but either way, I wonder how many people realize this landmark exists or wonder about its story?

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