Church of the Holy Family

Yesterday, we visited the Church of the Holy Family in Cahokia. The congregation dates to 1699, when it was established by a missionary from Quebec, Father St. Cosme. The current church was built in 1799…the first two log churches were destroyed in fires. It is the oldest church west of the Allegheny mountains, and the oldest continuously active Catholic church in the U.S.



The altar area was beautiful!

I loved the flags in the back of the church, representing Spain, the Bourbon kings of France, Great Britain, and Revolutionary-era America.


There were beautiful details (and fleurs-de-lis) everywhere!

I also enjoyed the details (and more fleurs-de-lis!) outside:

I found the church’s motto, “Ever ancient, ever new,” to be especially fitting.


It was fascinating touring a building so old right here in the midwest!

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