The Fairground Mixer

Turkey has been saving his money for the last six months or so to buy the relatively new Lego Fairground Mixer, his first expert-level Lego set. He finally had enough to pay me for it (since I bought it at the Lego VIP event last month), and spent yesterday afternoon putting it together.

The set came with three instruction books. Book one contained the instructions for the small truck, which carries the dunk tank, ticket booth, and high striker game:

Book two focused solely on building the mixer truck:

And book three contained the parts for the mixer itself:

This set came with a lot of minifigs, including my personal favorite, a guy with a sick face!


I had received two “free with purchase” sets earlier this year (a balloon stand and a hot dog cart), meant to be displayed with the mixer, so I gave them to Turkey, too.


Turkey loved putting the set together, and seeing all the nuts and bolts of how it works, and I really enjoyed seeing how it came together, too…it’s a very well-designed set!


He’s already planned which expert set he wants to build next…he just has to save up enough money to get it!

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