The Dress Rehearsal

You’d think that after all these years, the dress rehearsal at church for the children’s Christmas program would be old news. But there are several new things this year, and new equals exciting around here!

For the first time for as long as we’ve been participating in the Christmas program, they’re having a boy play the angel Gabriel. Guess which boy that would be? If your answer was Turkey, you’re right!


Also for the first time, they’re having a big kid play the part of Mary, because this year, Mary has a speaking part. So Ladybug gets a second turn in this role!


Bunny is playing the head angel again this year, so that’s not new, but it’s still fun for her!


The big news, though, is that Moose decided he wanted a speaking part this year! If you know Moose, and how he has struggled just to be in the program in the past, you know what a huge deal this is, and he’s doing a great job! We’re very proud of him!


Hopefully everyone does as well tomorrow night as they did when practicing today…they’re all very excited about their roles in the Christmas Eve church service!


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