Cakeway to the West–Places They Missed

Now that all of the Stl250 cakes have been placed (and many removed to new homes), I’ve made my own list of places that I think deserved Cakeway to the West installations. Now, I’m not trying to replace any of the cakes that were out there, because that would just be impossible. But since there were some bonus cakes, I thought it would be fun to think of other locations that could have helped St. Louis celebrate her 250th birthday. And there really were a lot of places in the St. Louis area that I think could have easily gotten a cake of their own!

  • Dave Sinclair–Who in St. Louis doesn’t know “Thank you, and here’s my address?”
  • Mercy Medical Center–So many St. Louisans celebrate the day of their birth at this hospital, it seems like a birthday cake would have been fitting.
  • KFUO–The longest continually operating AM station in the country…how did they not get a cake?!?
  • CPH–Maybe I just want more Lutheran representation, but CPH was also celebrating a big anniversary last year, and they’re very involved in their community, plus they recently won the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige award, so it seemed like they may have been a prime cake location.
  • Gateway Grizzlies–The Frontier League could have used a cake…there are two teams from the league in the St. Louis area! Of course, I picked the one on the Illinois side…
  • Schnucks–Doesn’t even matter which store, but with Schnucks being such a big chain in St. Louis, and them having celebrated their 75th anniversary last year, it seems like they deserved a cake, too.
  • Bissell Water Tower–The other two standpipe water towers in the city got a cake, why not this one, as well?
  • Cabanne House–I don’t think Forest Park had quite enough cakes, and this beautiful house would have been a great place for one.
  • St. Clair County Courthouse–I think every other county in the area had a cake at their courthouse. I know the St. Clair County Courthouse is an ugly building, but fair is fair!
  • Fitz’s–OK, I know this is unreasonable. The Walk of Fame is right next door, so there wasn’t really even any space for another cake, and the Delmar Loop rivals Forest Park for most cakes in a small area, anyway. But Fitz’s is a St. Louis staple, so I still wish they could have had their own cake!
  • The Pageant–As long as I brought up the Delmar Loop, I may as well mention The Pageant. It’s always busy, and it’s such a cool building…why not throw one more cake that way?
  • Art on the Square–I think this was the most surprising non-cake appearance for me. I was really expecting a cake to be unveiled on the Belleville town square the weekend of the art show…there were cake artists there selling their art, big crowds, Belleville’s 200th birthday…it seemed perfect. Alas, no cake.
  • KMOX–It seems to me that the mighty ‘MOX deserved a cake for many reasons, including the fact that radio just wasn’t well-represented by cakes.
  • BND–The St. Louis Post-Dispatch had a cake, why not the biggest paper in the Metro East, as well?
  • Police Department/Fire Department–It seems like the city police headquarters or the Monarch Fire District in West County should have had a cake…an area’s civil servants are certainly important. Then again, after the way things played out in St. Louis last year, I guess it’s a good thing there was no cake at a police department…it probably wouldn’t have survived!
  • The Galleria–In theory, it’s the best place to shop in St. Louis. A cake by the fountain would have been a nice touch.
  • Missouri School for the Blind–After the Central Institute for the Deaf received a cake, I just assumed it would be a given that the school for the blind would also get one. I had a personal interest in this location, so it was quite a disappointment to me that it never happened.

These are the first places that came to my mind that could have had cakes…where would you have liked to see an Stl250 cake placed?

4 thoughts on “Cakeway to the West–Places They Missed

    • amanda says:

      And that’s the best part of Cakeway to the West…I don’t know that place, but I would have loved to learn about it! Maybe I still will!

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