2014-15 School Year–Week Eighteen

This was a long week of school…one of those weeks where it seems like nothing goes right. I think we still got (mostly) everything done, although we didn’t get to watch a documentary I had planned for today, which was disappointing.

Turkey and Bunny have been working with fractions in math…cross reducing and reciprocals, for the most part. Ladybug has also been working with fractions, but her tasks have been much simpler–dividing shapes into equal parts, and then shading the requested fractional part.

In history, we learned about the Black Death (very cheerful!), and then the Hundred Years’ War and Henry V. We got to do a bit of reading from Shakespeare, which is always fun. Next week, we’re going to cut back on our ancient history studies so we can add in some lessons for Black History Month.

I decided to skip ahead in our poetry and short stories book while we’re still in the season of Epiphany so we could read The Gift of the Magi, which has always been a favorite of mine. The children felt the same way that I always have about the tale…Della’s hair would grow back eventually, so she could use her combs, but poor Jim had lost his watch forever.

In our botany lessons, we’ve turned our attention to conifers. Even I learned something this week…I didn’t know there were three different kinds of coniferous leaves! Tomorrow we’re going to be visiting the Botanical Garden again…maybe we’ll be able to use some of what we’ve been learning!

Hopefully next week will be a little more normal…I could use a quiet, relaxed week!

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