2014-15 School Year–Weeks Twenty-One and Twenty-Two

Last week, with Presidents’ Day and an unexpected not-really-snow-day for Moose, we ended up only having three days of school, and this week, we had four classroom days, plus a field trip day, so I decided to wrap the two weeks up together.

Turkey and Bunny have been working on learning the formulas to find the area of triangles, parallelograms, and circles…very timely with Pi Day coming up in two weeks! Ladybug has been introduced to ratios, and is also still working on the times tables.

In writing, Turkey and Bunny have been writing descriptions of people. They’ve also been introduced to the idea that you can the same something about a person, but depending on what words you use, you can make it sound negative or positive. Ladybug is working on some simple dictation.

Our readings for Black History Month have focused on Reconstruction, westward migration, World Wars I and II and the Great Depression. Even though February is coming to a close, we still have to go through the Civil Rights Movement to the present day, so we have at least another week, if not two, before we’re finished.

Our science lessons moved from ferns to mosses and lichens, which belong to the strange group of non-vascular plants. It’s too bad everything is still so frozen…it makes hunting for these plants a bit of a challenge!

We’re making good progress in our Anne of Green Gables literature study. Everyone is enjoying Anne’s bold imagination, as well as her temper! Due to a book availability issue with the library, we had to skip the second-to-last Grandma’s Attic book for now, and just move on to the final volume. If our library ever actually gets the other book in, we’ll go back and read it later.

Two more weeks of school before part one of our spring break…the big week of birthdays and St. Patrick’s Day!

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