Cakeway to the West–An Unofficially Official Cake

I love that even over a year after our cake hunt began, I can still have an Stl250 cake to share!


The Missouri School for the Blind received one of the official cakes (originally located at the Green Center), via auction/donation after the celebratory year ended, and repainted it. The painting was done mostly by students from the school, with the help of a well-known Stl250 cake artist and one of the tireless Stl250 volunteers. I especially love the braille on the cake!

So, it’s an official cake in that it is one of the fiberglass cakes created for the event, but it’s unofficial because the school wasn’t one of the original locations, and it no longer has its original paint job. I’m so glad that it didn’t end up in a dumpster, and instead went to a location I thought deserved a cake in the first place!

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