2014-15 School Year–Week Twenty-Four

This was another busy week…I’m so glad it’s time for our spring break!

Turkey and Bunny have been working hard on geometry. They’ve learned to bisect an angle, both with a protractor (easy), and a compass (not as easy). They continued to find the area of different shapes, and worked with congruent angles, as well. Ladybug has been measuring half inches, and has continued to work on naming fractions, as well as the ubiquitous times tables.

In writing, Turkey and Bunny have continued to work on descriptions of a person. One of their assignments was writing about Daniel Boone, who they really didn’t know much about, so it was interesting to see what they each chose to focus on from the summaries in their workbooks. They’ve also been working on rearranging sentences to make them more interesting/in the active voice/easier to understand. Ladybug has continued to work on dictation, and is also learning about adverbs.

Our history lessons covered Columbus and other explorers of the New World, and the Americas themselves. We studies the Incan, Mayan, and Aztec civilizations, but sadly, didn’t talk about the mound builders in our area. I guess that makes sense…that civilization was at its prime a few hundred years prior to the time we’re currently studying, but I’m still disappointed that they’re so overlooked.

We only have one chapter left in our science text. We finished learning about lichens this week, and also spent some time looking at different plant-related slides under the microscope. Even though I’ve seen them before, I still marvel at how complex something like a leaf is!

Our Anne of Green Gables literature study is progressing fairly quickly. We finally reached the chapter everyone had been waiting for…where “Diana is invited to tea with tragic results.” Even though we all felt sorry for Anne at the loss of her friend, we still had to chuckle at how ridiculous the whole situation was.

That’s it’s for now…a week of vacation, and then we’ll be back to work to finish out the school year!

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