2014-15 School Year–Week Twenty-Five

I enjoyed our spring break, but it was nice to get back to work on Monday!

Turkey and Bunny picked up where they left off in geometry, working on constructing different shapes using a compass and a straight edge. They also continued to practice making perpendicular lines and bisecting angles. Ladybug has been working on ratios and measuring objects using centimeters.

In history, we learned about the Reformation. Most of this was not new to the children, but it’s always a good topic to study. We even got to use some of our CPH resources to add to our studies, which is always nice. We also learned about Henry VIII and his many wives, which is an interesting topic to say the least!

We reached the midterm review in our Anne of Green Gables study. Turkey was certain he wasn’t going to be able to recall any of the details, and then surprised himself when he remembered almost everything. Bunny, of course, has already read the book several times, so it’s all review for her. It really is a fantastic book…I’m so glad I finally had a reason that forced me to read it!

Our botany curriculum wrapped up with a chapter on nature journaling. That will be our focus in science from now until the end of the school year. We’re planning on going to the Missouri Botanical Garden every week, to practice sketching what see, and to see the new spring and early summer flowers as they bloom. We got started on Wednesday with a trip to see the snow crocuses, and all three children made good us of their new sketchbooks!


I’ll be back in two weeks with my next wrap-up…we’ll be having only two days of school next week, and three the week after, as we take time off for Holy Week and Easter. What can I say? A second spring break sounds like a great idea to me!

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