2014-15 School Year–Weeks Twenty-Six and Twenty-Seven

It’s been a while since my last weekly wrap-up! We took the two weeks around Easter to do only one week of schoolwork so we could have some family time while Moose was on spring vacation, and I still didn’t get around to covering that week’s worth of lessons, so this will be a wrap-up covering three actual weeks, but only ten days of schoolwork.

Math has continued to roll right along for all three children. Turkey and Bunny, in addition to their geometry work, have also been working with probability and statistics…very timely for the start of the baseball season! Ladybug has continued to work on fractions and weights and measurements. I think she’s conquered the times tables, as well!

Our history lessons have focused on the counter-reformation and the reign of Elizabeth I of England. We really enjoyed reading about “Good Queen Bess,” and Bunny, in particular, found her to be very interesting. We only have a few chapters left in our history book…things are definitely starting to wrap up for the school year, even though we’ve got a good five to six weeks left!

We’ve also made a lot of progress in our study of Anne of Green Gables. I’ve decided that Anne Shirley and I are kindred spirits, and Bunny feels the same. I’m very impressed with the vocabulary the children are learning through the study, even if some of them complain about having to do it. We also finished our read-through of the Grandma’s Attic series, including one book that even I had never read (or even heard of!), before now. I’m always sad to be done reading those books…I wish there were more of Mabel and Sarah Jane’s adventures to enjoy!

We may be done with our botany text, but we have continued our weekly visits to the Missouri Botanical Garden, and gone on many other nature walks, to take in all of the spring plant activity. I’ve been impressed with how much the children remember, even from the beginning of the year, as we observe nature in action!

Next week is all about Shakespeare…maybe we can even watch one of his plays on PBS’s Great Performances!

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