2014-15 School Year–Week Twenty-Eight

Last week was a really fun week of school!

Our religion lessons are back to focusing on Jesus’ early ministry. It was kind of fun to read about the calling of the disciples right after hearing about the parallel story of Jesus reinstating Peter in church! Ladybug is also working on memorizing parts of Luther’s Small Catechism…she’s currently working on the meaning of the second article of the Apostles’ Creed.

In math, Turkey and Bunny have been working on converting ratios to fractions and decimals, in addition to reviewing all of the geometry work they’ve been doing lately. Ladybug has been measuring to a quarter of an inch, as well as finding the fractions from groups in a set.

Turkey and Bunny have moved on to literary criticism in their writing assignments, while Ladybug has continued to work on narrations. She is also memorizing a list of prepositions in grammar. They all got perfect scores on their spelling tests, too!

We continued our study of botany with a trip to the Botanical Garden, as well as a quick visit to Forest Park, to study the latest spring flowers to bloom. We’ve all been very interested to really pay attention to what flowers bloom when!

Our history lessons this week focused only on Shakespeare. This was a great week to be learning about him, as it was the anniversary of his death (and also possibly his birth) on the 23rd. I didn’t time our lessons to work out this way…it was just one of those felicitous moments in homeschooling that bring so much joy! We even watched the David Tennant Hamlet on PBS Great Performances. I was worried only Bunny would be interested in it, because she really loves Shakespeare, but all three children were riveted!

I’m starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel of this school year, and am starting to make plans for the summer!

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