2014-15 School Year–Weeks Twenty-Nine and Thirty

My interest in weekly wrap-ups is clearly waning as we approach the end of the school year…

In the last two weeks, we’ve finished up a few of our subjects for the year. We completed our history text with a conversation about the colonization of Canada and the defeat of the Spanish Armada. We also finished our literature study of Anne of Green Gables, and not without some tears from the teacher!

The remainder of our year will be focused on math (Turkey and Bunny will be working on adding, subtracting, and multiplying negative numbers), grammar, and writing, as well as religion. I’m also reading The BFG out loud, just for fun. And since we’re done with history, we’re going to spend some time learning about our neighbors to the north, since we were recently discussing Canada anyway.

Two more weeks of school, and this school year will be officially done!