Three-Year-Old Meets Lego Main Street

Ryan and I have been working on building a Lego Main Street for over a year. We started with the Grand Emporium, and have added the Parisian Restaurant, the Pet Shop, and the Palace Cinema. As you might imagine, Chickadee is very interested in our Main Street, which is placed on bookshelves just at her level.

I’ll admit I had wondered where the minifigs were disappearing to, but it wasn’t until we were done with school for the year that I had time to take apart the buildings and investigate. It didn’t take long to find them:


Yes, she had been stashing them all through the nearest door she could operate (she has yet to figure out the revolving door on the Grand Emporium, which I guess is a good thing). Main Street figures, members of the Simpsons family…they were all in there.

I’m glad I finally solved the mystery, but I a little concerned about what kind of mischief she’ll find to get into once we build the Town Hall and Detective’s Office sets that are waiting for us!

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