Lego Town Hall–Night One

It’s been eight months since last we worked on our Lego Modular Main Street, and six months since Ryan and I got the Town Hall for each other for Christmas, so I guess it’s about time for another project! The Town Hall is the largest modular building, and the first floor was a very detailed build.


As always, we began with the minifigs…five to start. They include a bride and groom, their photographer, and a pair of mischievous children who appear to be spying on them:


The details inside the first floor are amazing, from the podium, to the bust done in Lego, to the desk complete with lamp, computer, and even money!


The outside details, especially the crest and the columns, are also fantastic.

The back also has some nice details, including the mechanism to work the elevator:


So far, the building looks great!


I can’t wait to add the second floor, and really try out the elevator!

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