Tasty Tuesdy–Beast Craft BBQ–My Favorites

I’ve tried quite a few different things at Beast Craft BBQ now, and I’ve decided to make a list of my favorites by category of meat.


In the poultry category (and I have tried both the turkey and chicken at Beast), The Jive Turkey is my favorite. Any Beast turkey is excellent, but I especially like the combination of flavors (including tomatoes, cucumbers, and smoky mayo), in this sandwich!


In the beef category, I have to go with The Beefcake. Why, you may ask? First of all, burnt ends. They were the first thing I tried at Beast (other than the fried brussels sprouts), and the reason I fell in love with Beast. Aside from that, The Beefcake also has tobacco onions (onions straws in my world), that are amazing. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, if I could pay Beast to give me a box full of just those, I would! The rest of the sandwich, especially the white BBQ sauce, is great, too!


In the pork category, I have to go with the biggest sandwich of all–The Pig Daddy. This is the sandwich that actually made me appreciate pork steak, plus it also has ribs, pulled pork, and candied bacon! Of course, you need an army to finish this particular beast, but given that we’re a family of seven, that is not a problem!


And, the obligatory¬†other category. The things that I include here (The Big NY, The Big Oscar, Pastrami Hash, and Nachos, brisket or otherwise), could go in one of the other meat categories I guess, but they’re such special items, I think they need their own group. Plus, the Brisket Nachos, my favorite item in this category, could fit in with all of the other meats at one time or another, depending on how Beast is serving them (I think I’ve seen both chicken or pork options at different times, as well)!


Finally, side items. Now, Beast has a lot of good sides. But this one is a complete no-brainer, and I think the only side I’ve ever actually ordered (even though I’ve sampled the different things Ryan has tried)–the fried brussels sprouts. I’m weird in that I like brussels sprouts anyway, but when they’re fried with pork belly…AMAZING. Can’t get enough of them!


So, those are my current favorites at Beast. Of course, this list may be revised in the future, depending on what new menu items Beast comes up with. But really, everything I’ve tried at Beast has been excellent, so you can’t go wrong, no matter what you order!

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