Markel Family Summer Vacation–Days Six and Seven

Our last two days of vacation involved a lot of driving. We left (not at all) bright and (very) early on day six to start our journey back to Bowling Green. We stopped at Waffle House for breakfast along the way (a first for me), and it was just as delicious as Ryan had promised.


We drove through Asheville, NC and more mountains, which were beautiful and terrifying, and then drove through Tennessee and Kentucky to get back to Ryan’s parents’ house.


Once we got there, we worked on washing everything we could, and steaming the rest, to make sure we didn’t bring any hitchhikers back from our hotel with us. It was an exhausting way to end a long day of driving for sure!

On day seven, we all went to Ryan’s parent’s church. The children loved having a chance to see Grandma play the organ!


After church, we packed up the car one more time and hit the road AGAIN. Fortunately, the drive from Bowling Green to St. Louis isn’t too long, and we only stopped twice along the way…once to fill up the gas tank, and once for lunch at McDonald’s.


It was an amazing vacation, and we had an awesome time, and made tons of memories, but it was very good to see our house again!

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